Dressing in the right attitude for an interview shows that you are serious about the job.

Conservative colors in various shades of blue and gray are best. Wearing black to the interview could be viewed as too serious.

As soon as you enter the interview room, you have already created an impression without speaking a single word. Wondering how? It is through your dressing sense.If you are struggling to decide what to wear on your interview day, these guidelines will ease your tension.

Formal dress code for males

1. Shirts: A light colored long-sleeved shirt is always a good idea for interview dressing. 2. Suits : You can also go for a formal suit.


Socks: Select a plain pair of cotton socks that match with the colour of your dress. Shoes: A pair of formal shoes will complete your look.

Formal dress code for females

Salvar: A well-fitted traditional Indian suit is a good option for female candidates. Saree: You can also opt for a simple cotton saree to look formal .

However, regardless of what everyone else at the company is wearing, it is essential to take particular care with your appearance during a job interview. If you are going on a job interview at a company in a traditional industry, such as finance, banking, or insurance, you should opt for more formal corporate attire.