Here are the Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills:

Make communication a priority

Join classes, watch english movies, read books, magazine articles or learn from successful communicators around you.

Learn to Listen

One of the most common areas to need improvement is listening.We all have a tendency to forget that communication is a two-way process.Quite a lot of the time, we are not really listening to others in conversation, but thinking about what we plan to say next.

Simplify and stay on message

Use simple, straightforward language. Speak confidently.

Studying and Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

Much of any message is communicated non-verbally. Some estimates suggest that this may be as much as 80% of communication.It is therefore important to consider and understand non-verbal communication

Make sure you are understood

Dont blame the other person for not understanding. Instead, look for ways to clarify or rephrase what you are trying to say so it can be understood.

Questioning Skills

Questioning is a crucial skill to ensure that you have understood someones message correctly. It is also a very good way of obtaining more information about a particular topic, or simply starting a conversation and keeping it going.

Body language is important

Watch for visual signs that your listener understands, agrees or disagrees with your message. And be aware that your body is sending signals

Respect your audience

One of the best ways to show your respect is simply by paying attention to what they say.